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Quality Product Lines

MIR offers a diverse range of exclusive HVAC products and solutions for any scale project.
We pride ourselves on providing high-quality products and services. Your request will be met with expert
advice, personalized attention, and innovative solutions.

Industrial and commercial custom air handling, pre-fabricated and modular electrical and mechanical systems

Critical environment airflow monitoring and control systems for medical, laboratory and life science applications

Dunham-Bush HVAC equipment for commercial buildings, schools, hospitals, airports, factories, and residential units. Its products include water cooled chillers; air cooled chillers; heat pump chillers; water and air cooled packaged units; airside products; heating terminal products; and specialty products

Manufacturing high quality custom air handling units and recovery systems

Freeze block for chilled and hot water coils and steam coils

Portable and Fixed Gas Detectors, Control Panels, Data Solutions, Flue Gas
Analyzers, Sampling Systems, MPS Gas Flammable Gas Sensors.

P&G manufactures a wide variety of filtration equipment from industrial ASHRAE to advanced containment systems

High Plume multi fan systems with standard and custom configurations for hazardous and critical exhaust fan systems

SmartStack monitors the cleanliness of lab exhaust air and indexes the associated high plume fan accordingly driving energy savings of 40% or more. SmartStack leverages this sensing technology with a proprietary fail-safe controls system to deliver safe, reliable On-Demand contaminant dilution.

Point exhaust systems for laboratories, fumes, dust and chemical applications

Energy recovery systems and replacement energy transfer wheels

High Pressure fogging system
“Eastern Michigan Only”

Modular and semi-custom air handling units

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